G-League (ENG)


G-League is a yearly championship (season) divided in monthly tournaments. Differently from other competitions, this championship values stability and longevity of the participating teams without penalizing newcomers. Even though more matches played by the teams mean more points, the rating index assigned to the teams is not affected by that.


G-League rules


In order to participate, you have to:

  1. register your team to the G-League tournament on battelfy
  2. Every member of the registered teams MUST join the Discord server Discord G-League

HOW TO JOIN the Discord server and correctly set your account

P.S. In extraordinary cases of problems with Discord, it is possible to request the attendance of one representative member.




G-League results

With the participation of



If you have any questions, you can send an email to: overwatch.gleague@gmail.com


How can I register to G-League?

To Register your team you can [send a message to the G-League’s] Facebook page.

Can I register as a single player?

No, the championship is for teams only.

How long does the G-League last?

G-League lasts all year.

Do I need any kind of agonistic association’s membership?

No membership needed.

Will the tournaments be on the same day of the week at the same hour every month?

No. Every month will have a different date, depending the presence of other important events/tournaments. The start time may vary depending on the number of registered teams.
The League’s schedule will be available well in advance.

Thanks for the translation to: Manuel “gOOLY” Giulino e Vittorio Strano