G-League June: sign-up your team now

Big news for this fourth G-League edition!
For those who didn’t know about this event we recommend you to visit the dedicated page, where you can find all the informations and the rules.

Even though the tournament was already open to all EU players, one of the big news is that Battlefy (company leader in creation and management of online tournaments) advertised the tournament in Europe so that more players can join it.

Another big news is about casters and the live stream, as a matter of fact in 06/22/17 at 20:30 (CEST) our Daniyil “CACTUS” Krasnov will be live at Planet Studios, while Simona “NYMPHALIS” Tringali will be live from CLAN in Catania.

And that’s not it; because the live stream will be casted on Samsungitalia’s Twitch Channel!
Obviously the event will be hosted on G-League’s channel aswell, this way everyone who has followed us so far will be informed about it.

You can register your team until 06/21/17, hoping that more european teams decide to join this
competition, we recommend the teams to confirm their presence as soon as they can because there are limited slots.